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Olga Gomez


My daughter has come so far with Tanya. The patience and love that she gives her makes my daughter love tutoring and wants to go back each time. Tanya works with her by utilizing the best strategies, tailors them to what my daughter needs and makes learning fun! Truly, the best tutor ever, for my child. She motivated my daughter to work hard and the proof is in her test score on the Florida FAST assessment!

M. Jimenez

Owner of Central Florida Learning Academy

Tanya helped me put my vision into words then on to paper then into action. That is how well she is able to connect with her clients on a personal level. She is great at putting the pieces together to make your vision harmonize. Her professionalism is outstanding and her passion for helping business owners comes out in her work. I recommend Tanya to help you reach your goals.

Gary Edwards

President and Co-Founder of EAGLES Business Networking

It is just a pleasure to work with Tanya, I am looking forward to our future ventures together.

Rachel Osias


I know Tanya in a professional capacity. We were colleagues at a charter school in the Bronx from 2015 to 2018. I’ve witnessed Tanya coach other colleagues when they felt frustrated and overwhelmed amid a project. She immediately led them to revisit their strategy and to formulate steps to achieve their goal.

Working with Tanya as she led our team to design a plan for the opening of a charter school in the suburban community of New York City, Rockland County, was indisputably straightforward, simple, and smooth. She is extremely organized. Tanya arranged all the team meetings, topics of discussion and tracked our progress toward our goal. Tanya led us with integrity and her confident work ethic was mimicked by all six of the members of the board.

I would work with Tanya as a project team leader in any capacity. ~August 3, 2020

Susan Choi

Founder and CEO at Stories in Focus LLC

I received excellent guidance and consultation from Tanya recently regarding SETSS providers and Special Education in general. She was kind and knowledgeable, and showed great patience in explaining many things to me, as a parent struggling to familiarize myself with the Special Ed system in the city. I am very thankful to have found someone like Tanya!
- July 28, 2020

Edwin Bellevue

Board Member, Founding Players

Tanya has a passion in what she does and puts her full attention to the work. I highly recommend her.
- March 28, 2014

Miles Sandler

Strategic Leader for Social Justice, Education and Communication

Tanya was a wonderful colleague that brought excellence to her work. She was a amazing leader in her area of expertise. She was a champion of innovative educational programing. Tanya was very dedicated in changing the educational outcomes of the children of Newburgh. She was a great thought partner in finding solutions for untraditional academic environments such as clubs and after school programing. Her level of hard work, focus and expertise would make her a great contributor to any educational organization.
- April 9, 2014

Jennifer Milagros Perez

Business Advertising Account Executive

Tanya is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates true leadership at its best. She is always pleasant, motivated and dedicated to the work at hand and/or projects tasked with. We worked together at the agency and I remain in full support of her immediate short term and long term professional goals and am happy to assist and support her in any way I can!
- April 10, 2014

Colleen Sabo

Special Education Teacher, NYC DOE

Tanya Millien is a goal oriented and driven professional who treats her colleagues and employees with respect and kindness. Tanya is passionate about the children and the community she serves. She puts their needs well above her own and makes education not only fun for the children but meaningful.
- June 10, 2014

Carolyn J. Santana

Bilingual College School Counselor, NYC DOE

Tanya is an excellent supervisor. She provides support, direction, and opportunity for development within the job and as an individual. Her passion for education and creating equity for students is inspiring. Her teaching style is truly innovative when working with a diverse population of students. Tanya is definitely an asset for any organization lucky enough to hire her.
- August 22, 2014

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